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Power Skills

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Hurry! There seats are limited! We will open at 5:00 pm with dinner (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available onsite) and informal networking sessions.

5:00 – 6:00 pm : Networking\Dinner available

6:00 – 6:30 pm : Message from our Chapter President & Chapter Updates (0.5 PDU Power Skills)

6:30 – 7:30 pm : Innovation & Creativity: Drivers of the Project Economy PDU 1 (0.50 Power Skill & 0.50 Ways of Working) 

Starts at 7:30 pm : Green Dot-Blue Dot announcements & Post-event Networking



Round Rock Public Library – RRPL

200 E Liberty Ave,

Round Rock, TX 78664

Note: We will close registration 3 hours before the event starts. 

Speaker Bio

  Benjamin Anyacho


Benjamin Anyacho, a global citizen and Texan, boasts over 20 years of experience in project and knowledge management (KM), strategy, and innovation. He is a senior management Analyst at the Texas Department of Transportation.  

Notable achievements include architecting enterprise programs like Knowledge Management and Organizational Project Management programs, mentoring hundreds of PMs, and co-designing an enterprise Innovation Academy with a team that equips and activates innovators with creativity and competencies. His works are nationally and globally recognized.  

In fact, he has authored amazing books, including "The Knowledge Café, which has been adopted for a university's graduate and doctoral program curricula. Benjamin's mission is to mentor one million servant-leaders. He's presented multiple original content at PMI Global conferences (yearly since 2018), LIM, and dozens of academic and PMI chapter symposia/PDD as well as university commencements. He serves on various national and global boards, including AASHTO and the National Academy of Science's TRB Information and Knowledge Management Committee Research Coordinator.

Benjamin also helped to design the AASHTO Committee on Knowledge Management and chaired the Research sub-committee. He is the past president of the PMI Austin Chapter in 2018. As a missionary and Executive Director of Apostolic Bridge Builders, Inc., he's a dedicated bridge-builder and philanthropreneur. He holds a doctorate in leadership from Juliana King University and is PMP® certified with a BBA and MBA in Global Business from St. Edward's University. Beyond his professional life, Benjamin enjoys running and resides in Austin with his wife, Precious, and their children, Ben and Amara.



Innovation & Creativity: Drivers of the Project Economy

Description of Presentation


Unleash the Innovation Powerhouse Within Your Projects!

Imagine a project landscape where creativity fuels success and fresh ideas drive impactful results. This is the reality within reach! Did you know a LinkedIn survey ranks creativity as the number one competence for employers, while the World Economic Forum reports that creative thinking skills are a top hiring priority? Join us at PMI Austin as we dive deep into the world of Innovation & Creativity: Drivers of the Project Economy.

In this dynamic session, you'll:

  • Crack the Innovation Code: We'll unpack the true meaning of innovation in project management, domains, principles, and its crucial role in achieving organizational goals. Learn how innovative thinking separates good projects from groundbreaking ones.
  • Master the Innovation Toolkit: Gain practical knowledge and tools to navigate the ever-evolving innovation landscape. Discover key principles of innovation management that equip you to lead and foster a culture of creative problem-solving.
  • Cultivate Creativity & Deliver Results: We'll explore proven strategies to spark creativity within your teams, transforming innovative ideas into tangible results. See how to harness the collective brainpower of your team to achieve breakthrough solutions.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You're an aspiring project leader seeking to elevate your career through innovation and creativity.
  • You're a project manager looking to drive higher impact and success within your projects.
  • You're ready to unlock the full potential of your team by fostering a culture of creative thinking.

Don't miss this opportunity to become an innovation champion!

The future of work demands innovation – equip yourself with the tools to thrive! 

Learning Objectives for Presentation


  1. Demystify Innovation: Define innovation in the context of project management and explore its significance in achieving organizational goals.
  2. Navigate the Innovation Landscape: Equip attendees with key principles and practical tools to manage innovation throughout the project lifecycle, encompassing different innovation domains.
  3. Cultivate Creativity for Results: Unpack strategies to foster creative thinking within project teams, transforming innovative ideas into tangible and impactful outcomes.

Expected Key Takeaways for Participants:


  • Identify Innovation Opportunities: Learn frameworks to pinpoint areas within your project where innovative solutions can deliver impactful results.
  • Build an Innovation Culture: Discover strategies to cultivate a team environment that encourages creative problem-solving and embraces new ideas.
  • Agile Experimentation Techniques: Gain practical tools for rapid prototyping and testing of innovative solutions, minimizing risk and maximizing learning.
  • Effective Collaboration Strategies: Explore methods to foster open communication and collaboration within your team, harnessing the collective power of diverse perspectives.
  • Metrics for Measuring Innovation Success: Understand how to effectively measure the impact of your project's innovation efforts, demonstrating the value it brings to the organization.

Presentation Category (Triangle)

Ways of Working & Power Skills


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Type of category: Chapter Meeting

Type of activity: Power Skills, Ways of Working

Date: March 26th, 2024

Hour: 17:00 to 20:00

Number of PDUs: 1.5


Round Rock Public Library – RRPL

200 E Liberty Ave
Round Rock, TX, 78664