PMIA's Professional Development Day Spring 2024 (Virtual)


Our day-long Professional Development Day (PDD) will be a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual registration options. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your project leader skills and toolkit. Whether you’re a seasoned PM or a new project professional, our full day interactive Spring PDD will provide you with the skills to be the leader in project management and change maker initiatives.

 Earn up to 8.5 Professional Development Units (PDUs). 

This virtual event will take place via Zoom.

Event Day Agenda


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Jay Kiew


Morning Keynote Speaker: Jay Kiew

Beyond ChatGPT: Driving Disruption Through AI Fluency

Jay will simplify the AI ecosystem with his 3-step playbook. You will gain insights into driving disruption and create an anti-fragile organization.

PDUs: Ways of Working, Power Skills, Business Acumen

Jay Kiew is a change navigation strategist and world-renowned keynote speaker. He has created more than a $2B impact for 400+ executives by designing, developing, and delivering organizational transformation.


Full Speaker Bio Here


Saby Waraich


Morning Presenter: Saby Waraich

In a world where everyone holds the power of generative AI, where do you find your competitive edge and innovate beyond the ordinary?

Understand the imporance of mastering soft skills in a more techinal world. If you want to stand out as a project manager, learn effective ways to build trust in teams.

PDUs: Power Skills

A veteran in driving change and fostering innovation, Saby Waraich offers a unique perspective backed by real-world experience. Saby marries actionable insights with a captivating storytelling style.


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Just-Ron-&-Kathleen.png Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer


Afternoon Presenter: Kathleen Walch & Ronald Schmelzer

The Future is Now: Essential AI Skills Every Project Manager Must Have

Our AI industry experts will help us understand the common pitfalls of AI projects with real-world case studies and offer new methodologies for success.

PDUs: Ways of Working, Business Acumen

As hosts of “AI Today Podcast with Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer” where they cover all topics, trends, and news in the AI industry; Kathleen and Ron are both Managing Partner and CPMAI certified Lead Instructors at Cognilytica where they co-developed the Cognitive Project Management for AI methodology.


Full Speaker Bio Here

Patti-DeNucci.jpg Patti DeNucci


Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Patti DeNucci

More Than Just Talk: Essential Lessons For Conversing, Connecting, Collaborating, and Building Community in a Technology Driven World

Being able to converse more easily and confidently with our colleagues is considered the #1 most valued of skills ranked by many experts. It’s also vital to our health, happiness, longevity, and career success.

PDUs: Business Acumen

Patti DeNucci is the author of two award-winning books: The Intentional Networker and her newest book More Than Just Talk: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy Better Conversations.


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For any issues with registration email VP of Operations and for questions about claiming PDUs email VP of Professional Development

It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: PDS Meeting

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Date: May 2nd, 2024

Hour: 7:30 to 16:00

Number of PDUs: 8.5