PMI Austin Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

Power Skills

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We will open at 5:30 PM; virtual attendees will have the opportunity to network on the Zoom amongst themselves.

6:15 – 6:30 pm : Message from our Chapter President & Chapter Updates (0.5 PDU Leadership)

6:30 – 7:30 pm : How to efficiently Manage your startup  like a project  manger: 1 PDU (0.50  Business Acumen& 0.50 Power Skills)

Note: We will close registration 3 hours before the event starts. 

Speaker Bio


Ahmed Zouhair

Fluent in three languages (Arabic, French, and English) and with three degrees—including a doctorate in Business Administration—serial entrepreneur and seasoned project, product, and program management consultant Ahmed Zouhair knows the value of hard work. He also understands what it takes to build an empire from scratch. While today his international roster of clients includes companies and individuals from the education, IT, telecommunications, digital security, oil and gas, finance and banking, and non-profit sectors, Ahmed’s career didn’t start out that way. His first job after college involved collecting mud samples during 12-hour shifts on an oil and gas rig. Such tedious work in a harsh environment taught him patience and how to think on his feet when things go wrong. He likewise learned to interact with many different types of people, skills he would later refine as a volunteer business coach and workshop presenter for SCORE/Newchip.

TITLE How to efficiently Manage your startup  like a project  manager

Description of Presentation


Most of entrepreneurs and new small business owners wear many hats. As a result, the majority get stuck and end up closing their businesses within the first two years. Dr. AZ will share tools, tips, and techniques to help you manage your business efficiently and effectively, starting with the fundamentals of preparation and gap analysis so entrepreneurs and business owners have a clear picture of where they are at the moment and what it will take to get where the want to be. Dr. AZ will help attendees define their Purpose or their “Why” using the Double Diamond Framework (Discover, Define, Develop, and Deploy). He will dig into startup Performance using OKR (Objectives/Key Results) Framework. Finally, Dr. AZ will discuss how and when to Play, which is a celebration of the startup’s accomplishments, an integral part of startup and business success. The session will end with a Q&A between Dr. Zouhair and the audience

Learning Objectives for Presentation


  • Learn the ability to unlock your hidden Project Management Skills.
  • Application of 5 Ps dealing with real business challenges
  • Application of the Double Diamond Design Thinking Framework

Presentation Category (Triangle)

0.50  Power Skills & 0.50 business acumen



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It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Chapter Meeting

Type of activity: Power Skills, Business Acumen

Date: June 27th, 2023

Hour: 18:15 to 19:30

Number of PDUs: 1