Austin PMI (PMIA) chapter is offering a service to the greater-Austin community by presenting PMIA members with a tool designed to help project personnel identify project-related jobs and employment opportunities that may be attractive to PMIA members.

Resources (R)

PMIA has approximately 3,000 members. Every member is a potential resource. Further, PMIA is pursuing an aggressive promotion program to add PMI members from around the world. Future members are reasonably expected to have Project Management-related experience, interests, and credentials.

This R&O tool is free to all PMIA members. Members simply enter through the portal (click here) to access R&O data and information.

Opportunities (O)

Jobs (employment, contract, consulting assignments, etc.) that are available to PMIA members are the opportunities. The focus or target is on project-related opportunities. Organizations interested in becoming sponsors should contact PMIA at


The R&O Features
1. Jobs Market - Austin recruiters and public domain advertised jobs

This section of the R&O is a PMIA database that is compiled by PMIA from public solicitations and listings of PM-related job openings. The database is updated frequently. The summary of this data is posted below in the following table. Details are behind the PMIA member portal, hence require PMIA membership to access and use.

This database and related methodology provides PMIA members with information that can be used in researching for openings as well as assistance in techniques for applying.



Job Openings1

Week Ending 04-SEPT-2022

Position Title Number of Positions % Change from 07/30/22
PMP 38,427 -0.98%
Product Manager 58,010 -1.84%
Healthcare 30,879 10.83%
Construction  13,040 -2.69%
Information Technology 59,126 4.25%
Military 17,471 -11.94%
Government 8,843 -7.98%
SCRUM 25,696 -3.89%
Grand Total 251,492 -0.23%


For details, PMIA members may access this information through the member portal click here.

1Data is public domain from approximately five recruiter agent sources: CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Dice. From time to time, other public domain sources may be added. Details regarding the specific source and search methodology will be located on the appropriate page for the target domain.

2. Job Seekers - Chapter members who are seeking jobs / positions / assignments / consulting gigs

This tool will allow PMIA Chapter members to list their interests in job opportunities along with their contact information. This feature is under development.

3. Job Openings - Chapter members that have job openings and want to advertise these openings to Chapter Members

PMI Austin Chapter is proud to offer a job posting service as part of our commitment to provide value to our PMI Austin Chapter members. This is a free service to both employers who are Chapter members as well as to individuals who are current PMI Austin Chapter members. To access this feature, click here .

4. Sponsors – Organizations (for-profit and non-profit) that are focused on the Austin jobs marketplace.

This section of the R&O is available to organizations that wish to highlight offered jobs. As the R&O implementation proceeds, sponsors will be highlighted here. Links to the sponsors’ listings will be after/behind the member portal.

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