The robust Austin high-tech economy has become a magnet for the attraction of project management-related (PM-related) employers and jobs.  In less than a year, the number of advertised PM-related jobs has increased by several hundred percent.1

Austin PMI (PMIA) chapter has developed and is offering a service to the greater-Austin community by presenting PMIA members with a tool designed to help project personnel identify project-related jobs and employment opportunities that may be attractive to PMIA members.

PMI 4.0 - A Growth Strategy to Address the PM needs of Changemakers

Concurrently, PMI Global is implementing an expansion program – PMI 4.0.

This members’ tool (R&O) is related to these key initiatives:

  • Expanded communities, targeted engagement
  • Integrated Social Benefit
  • Coalition of Associations
  • B2B Advocacy, B2C enablement

Resources (R)

PMIA has approximately 3,000 members. Every member is a potential resource. Further, PMIA is pursuing an aggressive promotion program to add PMI members from around the world. Future members are reasonably expected to have Project Management-related experience and credentials.

This R&O tool is free to all PMIA members. Members simply enter through the portal (click here) to access R&O data and information.

Opportunities (O)

Jobs (employment, contract, consulting assignments, etc.) that are available to PMIA members are the opportunities. The focus or target is on project-related opportunities. Organizations interested in becoming sponsors should contact PMIA at

Sponsored Opportunities and Sources

This section of the R&O page is available to organizations that wish to highlight offered jobs. As the R&O implementation proceeds, sponsors will be highlighted here. Links to the sponsors’ listings will be after/behind the member portal.

Opportunities Summary2

Week Ending 09-Sep-2021

Position Title Number of Positions
PMP 9,782
Product Manager 25,939
Healthcare 14,695
Construction 5,464
Information Technology 27,075
Military 6,127
Government 3,104
SCRUM 10,657
Grand Total: 102,843

For details, PMIA members may access this information through the member portal click here.

1 PMIA data compiled from public domain sources. Details available upon request.

2 Data is public domain from approximately five recruiter / agency sources: CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Dice.  From time to time, other public domain sources may be added.  Details regarding the specific source and search methodology are at the Member’s page:

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