During this disruption to normal and customary Austin and US way of life, massive unemployment has and is occurring.  Numbering in tens of millions, the impact is widespread.  Austin PMI (PMIA) chapter is offering a service to the greater-Austin community by presenting PMIA members with a tool designed to help project personnel identify project-related jobs and employment opportunities that may be attractive to Austin PMI members.

Resources (R)

PMIA membership exceeds 3,600.  Every member is a potential resource.  This R&O tool is free to all PMIA members.  Members simply enter through the portal (see below).

Opportunities (O)

Jobs (employment, contract, consulting assignments, etc.) that are available to PMIA members are the opportunities.  The focus or target is on project-related opportunities.


Sponsored Opportunities and Sources

This section of the R&O page is available to organizations that wish to highlight offered jobs.  As the R&O implementation proceeds, sponsors will be highlighted here.  Links to the sponsors’ listings will be after / behind the member portal.

 Opportunities Summary

Week Ending 7-Jan-2021

Position Title Number of Positions
PMP 5,568
Product Manager 14,520
Healthcare 2,940
Construction 2,692
Information Technology 10,016
Military 9,796
Government 5,508
SCRUM 6,164

For details, PMIA members may access this information through the member portal here.

Special Interest Groups (SIG's)



Higher Education  

Information Technology   




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