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What are you doing to thrive?

From the President

I hope you and your loved ones are well as Austinites enter into the second week of shelter in place. While sheltering in place physically is absolutely necessary at the moment, we don't want to shelter in place mentally. Movement is life. We know there will be an end to this crisis and we see this crisis as a new way to purposefully serve you in innovative, meaningful, value-creating ways. To start, we have created the mini interview series with the first virtual chat happening this Thursday. We look forward to connecting with you.  

History has taught us that in the 17th century, the Great Plague of London sent Isaac Newton, then in his 20s, back home from Trinity College in Cambridge to the family estate. While there for over a year, he did some of his best work in mathematics and his study of gravity. This reminds us that, while the natural tendency of many may be to just survive, the innovators will thrive


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Fall Professional Development Day - Embrace the Future through Adaptability, Resilience, and Empathy

September 25, 2020 9am-2:30pm

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