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Message from the President

As your continuing President of the PMI Austin Chapter in 2014, I welcome you all to another exciting year of non-profit professional service. During 2013, we invested in improving our Chapter’s core operational processes, infrastructure & governance planning and organizational building. We completed the long-standing bylaws changes, member ratification and our annual board elections. We welcomed several new board members and completed the transitions over the past few months. We’ve developed our new Chapter Strategy and aligned our tactical, operational and organizational planning & processes with our strategic objectives.

Here are some highlights from our Chapter Strategy:

Our Vision:  Be the Center of Excellence for Project, Program and Portfolio Management Leadership Best Practices in the Region.

Our Core Values:
-    Professionalism
-    Volunteerism
-    Community
-    Engagement

Our Strategic Objectives:
-    Promote Standards, Best Practices & Leadership Opportunities
-    Improve Member Value & Customer Satisfaction
-    Increase Community Outreach & Collaboration
-    Implement Governance & Financial Integrity

Our Motto: “PM Best!”

Member satisfaction has always been and will be the highest priority for me and my fellow board members. Based on the Voice-Of-the-Customer (VOC), we plan to continue successful programs like Monthly Chapter Meetings, Professional Development Series, Lunch-N-Learn series, Evening Workshop series, Blue Dot-Green Dot program and Group & Individual mentoring sessions in 2014. We take pride in our culture of collaboration, accountability, transparency and customer service; and reflect it in all of our Chapter operations, activities and events.

In addition to the above, we have several new programs in the planning stages for 2014 and we need your active participation and support for making them successful. We also have opportunities for contributing to and leading several key roles on the board. Please come forward and volunteer with the chapter. If you’re a conference speaker, author, successful practitioner and/or an accomplished PM leader, please share your best practices at PMI Austin as we build our Center of Excellence for PM leadership. PMIA is your professional community platform.

PMIA Board 2014:

Please join me in welcoming the following Board Members for 2014:

President: Ram Dokka, PgMP, PMP, CBIP

President-Elect: Rahul Bhandari, PMP, PMI-ACP

Past President: Lorna Stewart-Booker, MBA,  PMP
Director of Innovation (Special/New Projects): Erika Shepherd, PMP

VP of Operations and Membership (COO): Veronica Phillips
Director of Event Facilities: Paige Clark, PMP
Director of Membership and Volunteers: Bruce Solberg, PMP
Member Retention Chair: Jeff Eichel, PMP
Director of Chapter Governance: Deb Paino, PMP

VP of Finance (Treasurer-Secretary): Carolyn J. Carson, PMP
Director of Accounting: TBD
Finance Chair: TBD

VP of Communications: Kati Kieffer
Director of Information Technology: Connie Hester, PMP
Director of Publications: Angela Siefkes, PMP
Social Media Chair: Elaine Kieffer
AV Publicity Chair: Maury Kahn, PMP

VP of External Services: Heather Hall, Ph.D., PMP
Director of Opportunities: Leena Patel, PMP
Director of Tradeshows: Jing Ming Chow, MBA, PMP
Director of Vendor Relations: Lori Threatt, MSE, PMP
Community Outreach Chair: Autumn Righino, PMP
Director of Marketing: Irene Krill, PMP

VP of Education: Jack Phipps, PMP
Director of Certification Administration: Igor Frolow, Ph.D., PMP
Education Chair: Kim Phipps
Director of Curriculum Development: Ken Jones, PMP

VP of Professional Development: Douglas A. Hogan, PMP
Director of Professional Development Series: Dip Chakravarthy, PMP
PDS Event Chairs: Sandy Walser Berry PMP and April Berman, PMP
PDS DOE Volunteers: TBD
Director of Programs: TBD
Director of Speakers: Paul Frias, PMP
Special Programs Chair: Sandra Jackson, PMP


I’m thankful for your excellent support in 2013 and am very confident that you’ll extend the same during the years to come.

Here are my best wishes to you and I'm looking forward to realizing our goals in an exciting and fulfilling 2014.

May all of your

Projections be Realistic
Requirements be Met
Plans be Well Thought Out
Estimates be Accurate
Decisions be Well Informed
Milestones be Achieved
Goals be Accomplished
Expectations be Exceeded
Perceptions be Well Managed
Deliverables be Well Appreciated
Benefits be Realized
Communications be Fruitful
Teams be Collaborative
Relationships be Sustained
Stakeholders be Satisfied
Customers be Ecstatic
Practices be Exemplary
Moments be Gifted
Thoughts be Blessed
Leadership be Visionary
Words, Actions & Behaviors be Motivational
Projects,  Programs & Portfolios be Successful, Rewarding & Fulfilling!

Bring your “PM Best!” to PMIA and Expect the “PM Best!” from PMIA.

Please email me at president@pmiaustin.org or suggestions@pmiaustin.org if you’ve any questions/suggestions in making our Chapter the best in the region.

Ram Dokka, PgMP, PMP, CBIP
President 2013 & 2014
PMI Austin Chapter

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Welcome and Congratulations

Congratulations to the New PMPs!

Mr. Suvir Arora, PMP
Mr. Edgar Curtis, PMP
Mrs. Melissa Hiserote, PMP
Ms. Leslye Kellner, PMP
Mr. Kevin McCowan, PMP
Mrs. Christina L. McLeod, PMP
Mr. Jiri Najemnik, PMP
Mr. Darrell Owens, PMP
Mr. Daniel Rettele, PMP
Mr. Christopher John Rompel, PMP

Welcome New PMI Austin Chapter Members

Mr. Suvir Arora, PMP
Ms. Jennifer Brown
Ms. Elizabeth Busse
Mr. Edgar Curtis, PMP
Ebelechukwu Dijemeni
Ms. Laura Eldredge
Mr. Jeff Ford
Mr. Oscar Gonzales
Mr. Dennis Hightower
Mr. Michael Hill
Mrs. Melissa Hiserote, PMP
Muhammad Hussain
Mr. Mike Jadlot
Ms. Donna Jumper
Ms. Leslye Kellner, PMP
Mr. Kevin McCowan, PMP
Mrs. Christina L McLeod, PMP
Mr. Pedro Munoz
Mr. Jiri Najemnik, PMP
Mr. Gabriel Ornelas, Jr.
Mr. Walter Ovenstone
Mr. Darrell Owens, PMP
Mr. Dwight Peavy
Mr. Daniel Rettele, PMP
Mr. Christopher John Rompel, PMP
Mr. Charles Rummel
Mr. Christian Sey
Ms. Heather Summers
Adetola Talabi
Ms. Sonya Werner
Mr. James Zwiener

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Thank You to Our Members!

If your name is listed in the 10-Year Member Anniversary article in this newsletter, stop by the Membership Desk, at the next chapter meeting you attend, and pick up your gift! Only members who attend a chapter meeting will receive a gift – we will not be able to ship the gifts.

Congratulations 10-Year (Plus) Members!

Congratulations to those members who have reached their decade (or beyond) mark with us!  We appreciate your long-term commitment to PMI, the Austin Chapter and the Project Management profession.  Please stop by the Membership Desk at your next chapter meeting to pick up your recognition gift.

Mrs. Anita Aleong, PMP
Mr. William D. Briggs, CPA, PMP
Ms. Kathleen M. Costello, PMP
Mr. Steven Carl Dubnansky, PMP
Ms. Martha Evert
Mr. Steve Fogle
Mr. Nathan L. Frey, CPA, PMP
Mr. Daniel J. Gately, PMP
Mr. Michael A. Gault, PMP
Ms. Elizabeth G. Gray, PMP
Mr. C. David Hall, PMP
Ms. Vivian M. Homza
Mr. Fred L. Johnson, P.E., PMP
Ms. Pamela B. Kopfer, PMP
Mr. Jeffrey W. Lorance, PMP
Mrs. Leah M. Manning, PMP
Mr. Arvind Margasahayam, PMP
Mr. Clinton C. Meyer, II, PMP
Mr. Paul D. Patterson, PMP
Mr. Timothy Patterson
Ms. Katherine Lalli Prath, PMP
Mr. Angel A. Romero, PMP
Ms. Connie Louise Seitz, Jr.
Mr. Richard E. Walz, PMP
Mr. Halmer V. Weldon, PMP
Mr. Alan Youssef, PMP
Ms. Phyllis Lynn Zumwalt

Congratulations 5-Year Members!

Congratulations to members who have reached their 5-year anniversary with us.  We value your commitment to PMI Austin!

Ivonne Marie Moon, PMP
Mr. John Naymick, PMP
Ms. Janet O'Neal
Ms. Leticia Olivarez
Mrs. Punita S. Patel, PMP
Jesse Pittman
Mr. Charles Paul Rinehart, Jr., PMP

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Upcoming Chapter Meeting Information

Tuesday, January 28th, 6-9pm

7:00 - 8:00 1-Hour Presentation (1 PDU): David Gardner, PMP - If You Build It, Will They Use It? Leveraging Business Objectives to Deliver Successful Projects
8:00 - 9:00 1-Hour Presentation (1 PDU): Robert Hall - Navigating the Relationship Cliff:  The HR Imperative for Productive Organization Relationships

Click here for more information and to register

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Project Management Training Programs

Recent Job Postings

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Questions or comments?

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