Austin Chapter Meetings

Must I be a member of PMI to attend chapter meetings?

No. Anyone is welcome to attend the monthly chapter meetings.

Must I be PMP certified to attend PMI Austin's chapter meetings?

No. Anyone is welcome to attend the monthly chapter meetings.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, Anyone is welcome to attend the monthly chapter meetings

Austin Chapter Membership

Why should I join the PMI Austin chapter?

Some of the benefits offered by the chapter include:

  • Professional development opportunities through meetings, special interest groups (SIGs), and special educational events like the Professional Development Day (PDD) held every year in the fall and the special seminar held in the spring. While these events are open to the public, chapter members get a discount and special notification through the chapter's e-mail list.
  • Networking opportunities. The chapter has special activities to encourages members to get to know one another, which also raises visibility of your company within the project management community. The June meeting at Esther's Follies is one of those activities.
  • Community service opportunities. Certainly these are available outside the chapter too, but the chapter does offer organized community service projects. Once again, this brings positive PR to your company.
  • Job opportunities list. This one may not be attractive to your company, but it's proven to be a valuable service to our members who are seeking new jobs. Chapter members in good standing can sign up for the opportunities list, which is simply a Yahoo group. Opportunities posted to the list are reviewed by a moderator and then forwarded to list members. Anyone can post jobs to the list, and we are working hard to develop awareness of the list among recruiters in the community. While posting to the list may be a benefit to your company, that's not an argument for membership since anyone can submit opportunities.

How do I join the PMI Austin chapter?

You must be a national PMI member. Membership information may be obtained from the PMI web site at At the time of enrollment, you specify the local chapter you would like to join as well as any specific interest groups. For specific instructions please click here.

How much is it to join the PMI Austin Chapter?

The cost is $25.00 ** per year in addition to the national PMI dues.

**Fees subject to change.

Does the PMI Austin chapter provide a student discount for prospective members?

Not at this time. Membership fees are managed through PMI headquarters.

Can I join the PMI Austin chapter if I am not a national PMI member?

No – You must be a national member to join a PMI chapter. You are welcome to attend the monthly chapter meetings and social events however you will be unable to benefit from chapter benefits such as the job opportunities list, etc. 

What happens if my membership expires (lapses)?

Membership is managed through PMI headquarters. PMI Members with a current or lapsed membership can renew their membership online in the PMI Members Area beginning 90 days prior to the membership expiration date. For further information please contact

PMI Customer Care
Phone: +1-610-356-4600 (Option 8 from phone menu)
Fax: +1-610-356-4647

What are some of the benefits of membership?

As a member of PMI, you receive several publications from the national organization, local chapter and specific interest groups. You will receive e-mail notification of meetings, special workshops and educational opportunities. You also will receive discounts on programs, conferences and classes offered by PMI and the Austin Chapter. For detailed benefits please go to our Member Benefits area.

How do I get on the job opportunities e-mail list?

Confirm that you are an PMI Austin chapter member in good standing. If your Austin membership is in question please contact the  Director of Membership

  • If you are not a current member you must join PMI and the chapter. To join the Austin chapter, go to our How To Join page.
  • If you are a chapter member in good standing, send an e-mail to A moderator will confirm your chapter membership and add you to the list. Please allow 2 weeks for your e-mails to start arriving.

I am attempting to get my company to sponsor some memberships with PMI.   Where can I get information about your membership program?

The place to start would be here. This will give you the official info about PMI. One advantage of joining PMI is that PMP candidates receive a discount on their exam. And every PMI member receives a free copy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is the basis for the PMP exam. The discount plus the cost of the PMBOK is just about the same as your first year's dues. We encourage PMP candidates to join PMI before purchasing the PMBOK.

Companies get good PR within the PM community. As an active member, you might come to meetings, serve on a committee, volunteer for a special event, or participate in a community service activity. Each time you do something like that, you will be a representative of your company to a group of PM professionals. Our chapter has almost 2000 members.

What if I can't pay my dues?

PMI offers a Hardship Provision for people who are having trouble paying their dues. Here is the policy as provided by PMI Global:

"The Hardship Provision is available to any PMI member whose financial condition has changed drastically and sufficiently so that a member would have difficulty renewing their membership. A member must be in good standing for at least three previous years to qualify for the hardship provision. Under this provision, a member is granted a waiver for one year of PMI membership dues and one year of dues for membership in any two PMI Component of which the applicant was a member the previous year. The Hardship Provision may be granted for a maximum of two years for each member. This information can also be located on the back of the renewal invoice that members receive."

For more information contact PMI Global.

Membership FAQs