How To Report PDUs

PDUs Batch Reporting Process (Members Only)

Note: PDUs will be posted within 5 days of the monthly chapter meeting.  If you have any questions please email

As a member service, we instituted Batch Reporting of PDUs in November 2012. This eliminates the need for our members to log on and report each Monthly chapter meeting session and PDU. This also eliminates the possibility of forgetting to do this later, which some of us occasionally do. 

Please note that members will need to report attendance to other events.

As part of the process, you sign the roster during the sessions and provide or confirm your PMI ID and we take that information and combine it with the session information to report attendance to PMI.

  • An email is generated for each session, for each person, indicating one PDU is approved for that session.

  • To help us improve on this process, please be sure to have your PMI ID handy (not your PMP number.)

  • Consider downloading MyPMI application to your smartphone (IOS/Android.) This will give you ready access to your PMI ID. We hope to be able to scan the QR code this application provides as part of the process of logging you in at our meetings (in lieu of sign-in).

  • When you register for a session, be sure you log in with your logon and password to the website to begin the process. This insures your record will include the PMI ID, your first and last name as it is reflected in the PMI database, making it easier to match records during the batch reporting process.

  • This new service is for chapter members only. Please know that we have several ideas we plan to implement to help make this process smoother in the future.

  • For those who are guests and non-members, you will need to continue to report your PDUs using the standard process.

  • Please consider joining or renewing your chapter membership today.

We welcome your comments and suggestions; please feel free to contact us at

PDUs reporting process (Manual process for Members/Non Members):

Instructions on Filing PDU’s for an Austin Chapter or LINKS Meeting

  1. Go to You will be asked to login.
  2. Enter your Username and Password, and click Log In.
  3. Click  Report PDUs from the left navigation bar.
  4. Under PDU category, select Category A: Registered Education Provider program / PMI Component Event (Note: chapters are called "components" in PMI)
  5. Click the down arrow on Activity Type, select Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event, and click NEXT
  6. For the Component ID, enter C061 and then click Search.
  7. Click C061 under Component ID.
  8. Enter the following fields to describe the activity:
    • For the activity date completed, enter the date of the event.  Note that this is in mm/dd/yyyy format.
    • For the activity title, enter the name of the presentation.
  9. Enter the number of PDUs you want to claim for the event
  10. Check I agree this claim is accurate and then click SUBMIT.
  11. When the report comes back, print out a copy for your records. If you want to submit more PDU claims, click REPORT ANOTHER CLAIM. If not, you're done!