PL July 2013 - Thank You to Our Members!

If your name is listed in the 10-Year Member Anniversary article in this newsletter, stop by the Membership Desk, at the next chapter meeting you attend, and pick up your gift! Only members who attend a chapter meeting will receive a gift – we will not be able to ship the gifts.

Congratulations 10-Year (Plus) Members!

Congratulations to those members who have reached their decade (or beyond) mark with us!  We appreciate your long-term commitment to PMI, the Austin Chapter and the Project Management profession.  Please stop by the Membership Desk at your next chapter meeting to pick up your recognition gift.

Ms. Nancy N. Abraham, PMP
Mrs. Laurie Allai, PMP
Ms. Mary Ann Baker, PMP
Mr. David Ellsworth Beach, PMP
Ms. April Jean Bliss, PMP
Mr. Robert F. Brown, PMP
Mr. Carl G. Dolezal, PMP
Mr. Richard Farmer, PMP
Mr. Steven P. Gilles, PMP
Ms. Jackie Ginsberg, PMP
Mr. Charley E. Gray, PMP
Ms. Patricia A. Harding, PMP
Mr. Jeff Husband, PMP
Mrs. Grace A. Kelley, PMP
Mr. Koji Kodama, PMP
Ms. Cindy A. Margules, PMP
Mr. George T. McLaughlin, PMP
Ms. Gaylyn A. Miestchovich, PMP
Mr. Amit Mohan, PMP
Mr. Phil E. Riba, PMP
Arun Singh, PMP
Mr. Robert H. Slagle, PMP
Mr. David G. Troxtell, PMP
Mr. William E. Virun, PMP
Ms. Deborah Kay Wilson, PMP
Ms. Kathryn A. Ziaja, PMP

Congratulations 5-Year Members!

Congratulations to members who have reached their 5-year anniversary with us.  We value your commitment to PMI Austin!

Ms. Judith L. Carney, PMP
Mr. Kirk Richard Dressendorfer, PMP
Mr. Patrick Gallagher
Mr. Brian Garlock, PMP
Ms. Kristina Elliott Hamrick, PMP
Ms. Brandi Kovalski, PMP
Mr. Daryl Ray Legg, PMP
Mrs. Sherlines Maccow, PMP
Mr. CLark Miller, PMP
Ms. Tamara Lynn Perlinger, PMP
Ms. Mary Kathleen Peterson, PMP
Mr. Chris Sauceda, PMP
Mr. Raymond P. Schaefer, PMP
Mr. Yatin Shukla, PMP
Mr. Andrew Adam Thompson, PMP
Ms. Robbin Trusty, PMP
Ms. Cydney Wehner, PMP
Mrs. Kimberly D. Wendland, PMP
Ms. Bridget Wilson, PMP